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Sir Richard’s
February 15, 2012 | Commercial

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Last year my wife and I attended an event called Common Pitch and during the night we had the pleasure of listening to several social entrepreneurs speak.  One that really stood out was Jonathan Schoenberg, who was speaking on behalf of the Sir Richard’s Condom Company.

This is a company that has amazing branding, along with a social impact to back it up.  Their tag line is “Doing Good Never Felt Better!”  When I found out that they were based here in Boulder, I sought them out to try and provide help in any way I could.  I  had the opportunity to meet Jim and Mia once they moved into the Fearless Cottage.  Since then it has been fun to be around and work hand in hand with this passionate group of people.  I know in my heart that Sir Richard’s is going to help bring positive change to developing countries about the world.  I feel lucky to be one of the people trying to make a positive change.  Here is a little more background on Sir Richard’s and Kore.

Sir Richard’s Condom Company launched in 2010 with the goal of helping address the global condom shortage by donating a condom to a developing country for every one purchased. Exceeding FDA requirements, Sir Richard’s condoms are of the highest quality and made with 100% natural latex, without casein (making them vegan-friendly), and with lubricant free of spermicide, glycerin and parabens.

On February 13, 2012,  Sir Richard’s proudly announced it’s inaugural donation of 500,000 condoms to Haiti.  Sir Ricard’s created the Haitian brand KORE (pronounced KÔR-Ā) with the intention of delivering a product that is culturally relevant to Haitians, thus promoting usage.  This video is a way to feature all of the positive things that Sir Richard’s and Kore are doing to help.  You should do the same!

Sir Richard’s condoms can be purchased nationwide at Whole Foods Market, natural markets, and pharmacies, as well as online at Drugstore.com, and SirRichards.com


Director of Photography: Jefferygarland.com

Directed by: Jim Moscou

Produced by: Mia Herron

Motion Graphics by: Scott McElroy

Edited by: Evan Swinehart

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