About me


My name is Jeffery Garland. I am both a cinematographer and a photographer. I live in Boulder, Colorado with my greeting card designer wife, Lisa, our amazing 4.5 year old daughter, Lulu, and a wild aby cat, Genghis Tom. I am a lover of vintage cameras, afternoon tea, French food, a strong Moscow Mule and anything chocolate. 

I started taking photos at a very young age. I don’t know what it was, but if there was a camera around I wanted to hold it and carry it around… even if it didn’t have any film in it. I remember putting the camera up to my eye and staring at the world around me. I felt like what I was viewing through the lens was a different place, even though I was still in my own back yard. My grandfather really helped nurture my love for photography. He was the one that gave me my very first manual camera, and to this day I am grateful. I still own that camera, along with about 50 others that I have collected since then. 

On any given day, I could be on location in LA or Chicago shooting for a movie or TV show. The next, I could be on a beach in Mexico filming a commercial. I never planned to go this route, but life unfolds in the weirdest ways. 

Nineteen years in the film industry has helped me to build a foundation that easily translates into all forms of photography. I am able to keep calm under pressure while anticipating crucial moments in the story as if they were scripted. I enjoy travel and the adventure that it brings to my life and my images. 

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